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Sierra Espuna National Park
Sierra Espuna National Park

The Sierra Espuña lays 25kms South West from the City of Murcia and is one of Spain’s most renowned natural Parks, a wilderness area of dramatic peaks, pine forests and splendid scenery. Over the last century hundreds of plant species have been established and the forest as a result now gives home to wild boar, mountain cats and tortoises. At 1,579m the ochre peak of Espuña dominates the whole park area and can been glimpsed at through the beautiful trees from the narrow and steep road
running from Alhama to Aledo. This road is one of Murcia's most beautiful allowing access to all different areas of the Espuña, exciting rock climbing, walking tracks and natural springs with shady picnic areas. The summers are hot and dry as the province of Murcia is one of the driest in Spain, although the peaks of the sierras normally receive 6 inches of snow in winter, the lower parts of the Espuna are very mild in the winter. This natural space of great scenic beauty and enormous tourist interest situated in the very centre of the region of Murcia, with something more than 25,000 hectares forming part of the Andalusian ranges and stretching
between the regions of Mula and the Guadalentín valley. It takes up land from Alhama, Aledo, Totana, Mula and Pliego. Its great natural richness is so important that in 1978 10,000 hectares were declared as a Natural Park. In Sierra Espuña there are squirrels, as the pine cones scattered at the foot of the pine trees demonstrate. Alongside this species we can find: hares, rabbits, wild boar, jays and snakes also, predators such as foxes and wild cats. As you go up the masses of the
Espuña you can make out birds of prey such as the Golden Eagle and sparrow hawks.

At dusk you can see nocturnal birds of prey like owls. In addition, there are also sedentary birds like the magpie and jackdaw. This is a truly beautiful place to visit and just on your doorstep from the Hacienda Del Alamo Resort.


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