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Murcia City
The City of Murcia

Murcia is described as one of the most beautiful and historic in the country. The city stands on the banks of the river and enjoys all year round sunshine. It has the highest temperatures in the region. There is a great deal of Moorish influence in the city, not least of all the impressive city walls. After the reconquest, the 20 mosques in the city were turned into churches. The Cathedral is the most highly prized building in the city. The first stone was laid in 1388 by Bishop Pedrosa. It took four centuries to complete. There are so many different styles and cultures within, including 23 different chapels. As you wander through the city, there is a monumental building on every corner. Many are in pristine condition and those that aren't are being restored to their former glory.

Bishop's Palace in Murcia
Among the other splendid buildings to see is the Bishop's Palace located near the Cathedral. Dated 1748 it has two wonderful facades. The Convent Church of Santa Ana is 18th century and is the third church to be built on this site, the original being1490. Here you can try the freshly baked cakes, made by the nuns and served through a revolving hatch. The Church of San Miguel stands on the site of an earlier church. The 18th century church has wonderful colored altarpieces. The Almudi dates from 1602 and was formerly the storage place for public corn collected as tithes. It was reconditioned in 1985 and now houses the art centre and city archives. You will also see many museums, the Romea theatre and the Murcian market-garden.

Shopping in Murcia
Shopping: The most typical things to buy to eat in Murcia are meat pies (including deer pie) from Bonache (in the pretty plaze de las Flores - Flowers square). Shops in the Trapería and Platería are also worth a look. The Verónicas market is good for famous Murcian market-garden products, fish and seafood.
Tapas: Murcia offers some of the most interesting tapas in the whole of Spain. There are a large number of bars and taverns with truly great tapas. The most popular are in the area around the Plaza de Flores and the University area called Santa Eulalia.
Murcia Cuisine: Rice dishes such as arroz caldero, fish and seafood from the Mar Menor such as lobster are unique and an absolutely essential gastronomic experience.

In all, Murcia has everything to offer the visitor and you can almost certainly guarantee that no matter what time of year you visit, you will be wrapped up in some kind of fiesta or celebration. You will find the people pleasant and very friendly towards tourists. Murcia is the perfect city for strolling around. Everything worth seeing is within walking distance.


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